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DHD have produced the Digital Portfolio of Events 2019 brochure for IQPC Large Scale Events.

The LSE Difference

Excellence and consistency define our track record, with tried-and-tested events running for up to 20 years. We do not run regular conferences, we do not run trade shows. Emphasis is put on higher standards and larger reach: higher level speakers translate to events that thrive to continuously drive forward-thinking content, and higher number of qualified delegates (from a minimum of 150 to more than 500!) and vendors onsite translate to unprecedented number of business opportunities.

We understand our Delegates’ procurement processes, a crucial element to help fast-track your business development at a fraction of the traditional costs.

What does your company want to achieve attending our conferences? Helping you meet your business goals comes first: whether it’s penetrating new markets, launching a new product, expanding your market share, putting your brand on the map or establish yourselves as a thought leader, designing the right package will always start with that question.

Our portfolio is backed by 3 of the largest professional communities in the world of operational excellence, shared services, business transformation and intelligent automation: the PEX Network, SSON and the AI & Intelligent Automation Network. Trusted by more than 100.000 companies for information, networking and business development.

The LSE proposition

Thousands of companies trusting us over two decades is no coincidence. Our events welcome delegations of engaged senior executives, entire decision-making units with clearly defined challenges that require the best possible answers. They’re ready to take the time and listen to (often) complex propositions, and ready to invest in the solutions that will allow them to deliver on their initiatives.

The onsite environment

Engaged delegation: each and every delegate has to opt in ahead of the business and networking sessions they attend. They discuss, see and test the solutions and products they’re interested in.

The scale of the event and the proactive delegates maximize the quality of the discussions. The sessions, networking functions (formal and unformal) and the breaks seamlessly alternate throughout the day, with an onsite layout conducive to face to face interaction.

The opportunities on site

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Demo drives
  • Deep-dive workshops
  • Interactive discussions
  • Masterclasses
  • Case studies
  • Exhibition booths
  • Branding opportunities

Everything can be tailored, in complete alignment with your business objectives. We will always discuss and design the best possible package.