“I think we overcomplicate things – simple is often best.”


DHD have produced the latest edition of ‘Centrum’ the journal of the PSMG. The Professional Services Marketing Group is an international membership organisation for marketers in the professional services. This issue features some fantastic industry articles, here, the editor David Leck gives us an insight on the topics covered.

There are several themes to have come through as I’ve commissioned articles for Centrum this year. But before I go any further, I have to thank all of you who’ve given so generously of your time (Gail and I are only too conscious it’s another “ask” among busy schedules) to have delivered such eloquent, insightful and – hopefully – debate-generating pieces.

One of those themes – and it’s surprised me a little – has been around balance and the shift towards professionals wanting (demanding, even) more from employers across areas such as flexible working, diversity and workplace wellbeing. And, despite what we may think, that is not merely being driven by millennials and Generation Z.

In fact, some of you have written that there is no longer a reluctance to ask questions of firms and perspective employees about their policies in these areas. And, if the perception (or the reality) is they’re not doing enough or doing it incorrectly then inquiring minds are leading and shaping the debate. That has to be a good thing.

To that end we’ve launched a new section within the magazine. It will hopefully develop but initially Footnotes will feature articles on wellbeing, health and fitness and travel. We’d love your thoughts and suggestions so do please let Gail or I know.

Back, though, to the “business in hand”. Once again, we have some terrific contributions spanning how to position your firm’s experts as recognised thought leaders to the juggling act required by the BD and marketing practitioner in smaller firms; from why a staggering three-quarters of all organisational change programmes fail to the true effectiveness of innovation, and from the inextricable link between company culture and the business transformation to – and this is one to debate – “the legal profession doesn’t have a leadership problem—it has a character problem.

We’re grateful to the Financial Times and Baker & McKenzie for allowing us reproduce an excellent feature about successful job-sharing at partner level. And our In Conversationis with Paul Taylor of Alix Partners who is also chairman of the PSMG 2020 Conference on March 26 (more of which in Gail’s column).

Paul is a man who, in his own words, says “We overcomplicate things; simple is best”.  He says much more beside – all of it timely and insightful – so head to his interview and, if you’ve not already, then make sure you book your Conference place soon.

By the time of my next column we will, of course, have had a general election and may know more about this country’s direction of travel! And, if not, then we’ll be into 2020 regardless and complete with all its challenges and opportunities.

As Heraclitus said “the only thing constant is change” – and that’s where there’s ever increasing value in being part of a group such as the PSMG.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

Best wishes

David Leck

Editor, The PSMG Magazine

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