DHD create the new Irvine Laidlaw Foundation brand identity


DHD have created the brand identity for The Irvine Laidlaw Foundation. The Irvine Laidlaw Foundation invests in the education of the underprivileged and underrepresented in order to break the cycle of poverty, reduce inequality and develop a new generation of leaders.

The Foundation currently supports the Laidlaw Schools Trust, a growing multi academy trust in the North East of England, serving children and families in the west of Newcastle and in Pennywell, Sunderland; funds the Laidlaw Scholars, an international programme supporting undergraduates in 14 universities around the world, designed to develop a new generation of diverse, passionate and committed leaders; and enables the Columbia Business School Scholars initiative to help more women gain their MBAs. To date the Foundation has assisted more than 230 women to enrol in the business school. The Foundation has funded the Laidlaw Music Centre at the University of St. Andrews, built the Laidlaw Library at Leeds University and is exploring new campus spaces which bring together academics and entrepreneurs. The Irvine Laidlaw Foundation is a charity registered in England , charity number 1175245

Please click link below to view the brand guidelines. This document is a guide to the brand communication style for the Irvine Laidlaw Foundation, Laidlaw Schools Trust and Laidlaw Scholars. It explains what the brand stands for, how it is expressed, and how the creative elements fit together in all of their communications.