A versatile new digital solution for todays marketing experts


With 30 trillion pages on the internet and some one billion websites, it can be a challenge making your event stand out from the competition.


The world is weary of pdfs and other static content. Consumers want exceptional content experiences on whatever device they choose. PDFs maybe easy to produce and are excellent for the proofing process but they offer a terrible user experience in a mobile first world. They are not responsive so will display poorly on any device thats not a desktop.

A fresh new digital platform is now available for clients to showcase their event and engage customers by demonstrating their sector knowledge and expert industry content in a new exciting format.

DHD have launched an alternative to the tired old pdfs and electronic files currently on offer. Take a look at the example link below which shows a recent digital publication that DHD produced for KNect 365’s TV Connect.




With the right combination of useful content and visual flair, your event will be hard to ignore, regardless of who your audience is. Go beyond the traditional publications with more responsive, visually stunning, engaging and easy to share literature.


Widen the net of opportunity

Offline documents like Powerpoint and PDFs are not easily shareable and you need to present them physically. Their online counterparts however are perfect for sharing and are optimised for search engines, meaning that more eyes will see your publication.


  • Fully responsive– Your full-screen digital publication will be optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop. Whether it’s a Windows PC, MacBook, iPad, Android device or even a Smart TV, your content will be instantly accessible.


  • Personalize your content! You can add your recipient’s name to titles, paragraphs or in Calls-To-Action to enhance engagement with your readers. Our URL-builder enables you to exclude pages on an individual basis to make sure your readers only receive content that is relevant to them. Content personalization also enables you to measure how individual readers consume your content.


  • World wide hosting– It uses a network of high performance cloud servers at more than 600 locations worldwide. Technologies such as smart caching ensure your publication is always served at lightning speed!


  • Full screen video– Video definitely adds an additional dimension to the experience of your publication. Use video as a full-screen background or add it to your content.


  • Google Analytics Integration– Connect your publication to your Analytics account to get metrics on your readers’ behavior. Check the most popular articles, visitor numbers, average page session duration and optimize your content based on the results. By adding Google Analytics you’ll get automatic metrics such as scroll depth, outbound links, video-playing, social sharing, gestures such as swiping, device rotations and much more.


  • Search Engine Optimisation– When you publish a publication, our tool generates a text file and Sitemap XML to ensure Google indexes your publication quickly. If you want to exclude Google, you can activate a ‘no-follow’ script to keep your publication out of Google’s search results.


  • Social Sharing– Give your readers the option of sharing your content in order to enlarge your reach. You can share every publication on a page level, making it easier to re-use content. You can even add sharing elements to your content. Make it go viral!


  • Automatic Issue Management– The different issues of your publication will always be visible and available to your audience. This way you can easily refer to different issues and reuse your content!


  • Offline availability– Would you like to show your publication at an exhibition? Or would you like to arm your sales force with a publication? With offline availability your publication is always within arm’s reach, even when 3G/4G or Wi-Fi isn’t available!


  • Form Builder– It’s super easy to build and place your own forms in your publication. Want to collate job applicants or event enrolments? It’s all possible with the form builder, and you’ll receive entries in your mailbox instantly!


  • Integration with the best platforms– Our digital publishing platform makes it a breeze to integrate the best third-party platforms in your publication. Everything from Typeform surveys to YouTube, Vimeo and/or Wistia videos and the best music from SoundCloud!


  • Social Login– You might consider granting access only to visitors who provide their Facebook or LinkedIn data through a social login. This way you’ll gain even more insight into the demographics of your readers.


  • Lead Generation– Use your publication as a whitepaper. Visitors can then only open the publication if they provide personal information such as name, e-mail address or company name. A solid way to generate high-quality leads.

If you are interested in a similar digital platform specific to your event please email Dan for further details on how we can be of service: studio@dh-design.co.uk