Chemical Industry Regulations 2017


DHD are¬†producing the event guide for KNect365’s CIR 2017. The event will be taking place from the 5-7 September 2017 at the Nice Acropolis Convention Centre, Nice, France.

This leading industry event connects industry and policy makers to develop improved regulatory strategies for chemicals, biocides, agrochemicals and biopesticides.




AgChem Forum: Regulatory Frameworks

  • Endocrine Disruptors: An update on guidance development and implementing the new criteria
  • Hear direct feedback from the European Parliament, EFSA, Member States and industry on the future of the agrochemical regulation
  • 1107/2009: Is it fit for purpose and what can we learn going forward?
  • Member State feedback: Hear from UK, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Austria
  • Discuss and debate the politicisation of the decision-making process for agrochemical registration
AgChem Forum: Environmental Safety
  • Guidance documents: could they be simplified and what is in the pipeline for 2018?
  • EFSA scientific opinion on amphibians and reptiles: hear the results of the public consultation and EFSA and industry feedback
  • How can ecosystem services facilitate regulatory decision making?
  • Hear EFSA and industry feedback on exposure of soil organisms
  • Understand the latest developments on management of spray drift in environmental risk assessments
Biocidal Products Regulation
  • How do authorities process applications for same biocidal products?
  • Perspectives on biocidal product families and how these are currently defined in the BPR
  • Experiences with union authorisations so far and the process involved
  • Understanding the process and challenges authorities face with mutual recognition
  • Best practice for managing dossiers to ensure approval from authorities
  • REACH 2018: How are Competent Authorities helping SMEs?
  • Beyond the 2018 deadline: feedback from ECHA
  • Data sharing in practice: assessing how improvements can be made to the process
  • ECHA Board of Appeal
  • Safety Data Sheets and Extended Safety Data Sheets
  • Debating whether data requirements are too harsh?
  • Key traits in producing a successful Biopesticide formulation
  • Representatives from BASF as well as SMEs providing a wide range of industry input
  • Assessing the regulatory challenges in gaining access into South America
  • Discussing if we need to train farmers in how to use Biopesticides

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