Environmental sustainability


DHD have produced the BBC’s Environmental Targets Performance 2016/17 report.

The data in the report reflects the BBC’s continued commitment to reducing environmental impacts from its operations and programme making. The BBC have targets to reduce energy consumption and CO2e emissions from buildings, to reduce water use, to recycle more of our waste and to tackle emissions from travel.

They include information provided by suppliers of transmission services on behalf of the BBC from which they derive CO2e emissions associated with those services, as well as total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a breakdown of their GHG emissions by Scope.

They report on progress in sustainable production, capturing data on the carbon footprint of BBC TV production and numbers of BBC programmes which have achieved albert sustainable production certification.

The BBC are in the process of setting new environment targets for the organisation.

A summary of this data is also included in the BBC Annual Report and Accounts and more information can be found at