Doing things differently – Making your people, processes and products more efficient



DHD have produced the latest PSMG eMagazine – the hub for professional services marketing. Here, the PSMG editor, Richard Parnham gives us an insight on the topics covered in this edition.

In the world of business process management, there’s an acronym known as the “the 3Ps”: short for people, process and product. In this edition of the PSMG Magazine, we cover all these issues, as part of a wider theme of improving the performance of the professional service marketing department.

Our profile of Reed Smith CMO Sadie Baron explores both the people and process element of running a successful marketing function. In our keynote interview, Sadie explains how she is overseeing the centralisation of her firm’s marketing support functions into two dedicated centres, co-located in London and Pittsburgh. Having learned about how Sadie’s reforms will free up the practice’s senior marketers to focus on top level strategy, I imagine that many of our readers would welcome a similar development at their own practices.

In terms of pure process, the second part of Ben Kent and Adrian Furner’s two-part article offers step-by-step guidance on how to formulate and implement marketing innovation in a professional services setting. It’s not just about coming up with ideas, and rushing them to market, they say. Also important are carefully prioritising which types of innovation to invest in, and properly prototyping and testing it.

Along with Gordon Brown, Ben makes two appearances in this edition our magazine: his presentation at the recent international legal marketing seminar in Tel Aviv, co-organised by the PSMG, is summarised in Tamar Sacerdoti’s report of the event.

Continuing with the process improvement theme, Michael Graeme from Oxera reviews a new book by Tim Nightingale and Matthew Fuller about how professional service firms can improve their pitching process. Tim and Matthew’s book is described by Michael as a “goldmine of best practice”. And, no, no one paid Michael to offer such a positive review!

Focusing on product specifically, we have two features. One, by Brian Gribben of Olwang, explores which issues you should focus on when considering a CRM refresh. Hint: it’s not all about the technology. The second product-related feature, by Richard Tromans, explores the implications of AI on legal marketers. What does AI mean for your firm’s business proposition? How might legal marketers use the technology within their own functions?

Moving beyond the 3Ps, Michael Warren’s article on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives professional service marketers much food for thought on how they will comply with this soon-to-be implemented EU data protection regime. The UK may be leaving the EU within the next two years, Michael says, but the GDPR will directly affect many professional service marketers beyond this time. You can catch Michael’s next PSMG presentation on this topic on 4 May.

We round off this edition of the PSMG Magazine with Amanda Illing’s insights into the value of old school, face-to-face business development, gained from her team’s recent trip to MIPIM. As veteran of MIPIM-style mass networking events myself, Amanda’s report bought back many fond memories of being caught up in what she describes as a “BD tsunami”. I can also heartily endorse Amanda’s recommendation that sunglasses, sun cream and blister plasters are essential travel items to take on any trip of this nature.

Best wishes

Richard Parnham
Editor, The PSMG Magazine.
Freelance legal journalist,
copywriter and researcher.