Exploring Coal and Petroleum Coke in Growth Markets


DHD have produced the event literature for Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels 2017 which takes place on the 7-8 June in Madrid, Spain.

Argus Mediterranean Solid Fuels provides a refreshingly positive outlook for coal and petroleum coke markets, by highlighting the opportunities and growth potential in this secure region. Demand is increasing steadily across Egypt, Turkey and Morocco as their economies expand and their cement and energy sectors advance. Spain, Portugal and Italy have a keen interest in solid fuels, despite the more strenuous regulations on their fuel purchasing. Globally, as the stability of coal and petroleum coke markets is brought into question, businesses are turning to these developing areas to maintain a foothold in the trade.

This year’s conference will explore pricing, the increase in demand from the cement and energy sector, material production of suppliers, buying practices of fuel-users, market drivers as well as storage and logistical issues.

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