Redefining business services for the smart and automated business environment


DHD have produced the event literature for SSON’s 17th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week – SSOW, which takes place on the 15-18 April at Event City, Manchester.

The shared services and outsourcing market stands on a precipice. In the background is a land filled with transactional processes, cost metrics, siloed functions and lengthy outsourcing contracts; while just below lies a modern utopia with sleek end-to-end processes, digital transformation, and business critical insight.

Many shared service leaders have already made the leap, reaping previously unheard of productivity and cost gains. Others are hovering on the edge waiting to see if technologies like robotics process automation are worth the hype.

This year’s event comes at just the right time, as many shared services leaders find themselves rapidly moving into unchartered territory. Although challenging, this smart and automated business environment provides immense opportunities for shared services that have a plan and know how to manage that transformation.

But let’s not forget what made shared services great! The shared service journey is one of continuous improvement and cutting edge technology will have little impact if the fundamentals aren’t robust. That’s why the European SSO Week has specific streams with case studies on end-to-end process excellence, getting and keeping stakeholder buy-in, change leadership and pricing, amongst dozens of other topics integral to your SSC’s success. Plus for the first time, brand new tracks designed explicitly for shared services in the mid-cap space.

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