Family Matters Rebrand

DH Design has been awarded the rebranding of Family Matters. Established in 1990, Family Matters are a specialised charitable service and the largest provider of childhood sexual abuse and rape therapy in the country. Their work extends across 14 boroughs in Kent, Surrey and South East London and they help over 4000 people each year. The Family Matters counselling practice is supported by qualified professionals – specialists in the areas of childhood sexual abuse and rape. They are trained across a wide range of issues and disciplines to help those affected address their fears and identify a clear path towards resolution and healing. Their expertise is wide-ranging and covers physical abuse, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, child protection, trauma, bereavement, self-esteem issues, and anger management. They also address how being vulnerable impacts on work related problems, sexuality issues and – where appropriate – related drug and alcohol problems. Family Matters sees nearly 1000 children and adults a year. They obtain their funding from a number of sources; statutory grants, charitable foundations, and fund raising. The Charity is solely dependent upon these funds for its existence and much of the funding is ‘restricted’ in that it can only be used for the activity for which it is intended. Donations and successful fund raising is vital to the charity’s existence and continued growth.