Front Line Genomics Magazine

FLG_May_2016DH Design have designed the front cover of the new Front Line Genomics magazine which celebrates the upcoming festival of genomics in Boston.  As the magazine would be part of the onsite guide we tried to tie the design in with the brochure creating a consistent look and feel. We took inspiration from Tom Whalen’s Acid Free Gallery (Philadelphia) Voltron poster! Why Voltron? Voltron is the perfect example of individual units coming together to form something great. Just like genomic medicine!

At Front Line Genomics their mission is to help bring the benefits of genomics to patients faster. Through the website, magazine and the Festivals of Genomics, they support scientists, clinicians, business/research leaders and officials, from academia, research institutes, industry, healthcare and government organisations to realise the true potential of genomic medicine.

You can view the magazine here.